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Hi there!  My name is Samantha Moser and I'm excited to join the Waller High School team this year!
A little about me...
I live in Hockley with my husband, Michael, and son, Brandon, and our two pups, Anna and Belle.  
We've lived in the area for over a year now, and we absolutely love it!
I received my bachelors from the University of Houston - Main in History with secondary education certification in 2007 and began teaching Texas History the same year.  I am a native Texan (and Houstonian), therefore I am passionate about Texas and its' culture.  I taught for 9 years in Cy Fair, specializing in gifted talented and advanced populations of students.
In 2015, I completed my masters degree in American History from Norwich University, a military university in Vermont.  I was blessed to be able to spend part of my summer that year amongst the mountains while I finalized my degree, and would love to go back soon.  
This year, I will be teaching US History, AP US History, and Dual Credit US History, as well as teaching HIST 1301 at Lonestar - University Park..

My ultimate goal every year is to help each and every student to be a successful learner  Please do not hesitate to contact me at smoser@wallerisd.net with any questions.
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